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Annette Franks

Annette Franks, M.Ed.
136 Northwoods Blvd.
Courtyard Entrance - 2nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43235

The fastest way to reach Annette is always by her office phone number at 614-785-1066.

All Consulting and Counseling appointments are scheduled in person or by phone.

Annette does not schedule or cancel appointments by email.

To speak with Annette regarding a Conference or Seminar Speaking Engagement, please also contact Annette directly by her office phone at 614-785-1066.

When Annette is Out of State
If Annette is out of State, the date she will return to her office for calls will be clearly stated on her office voicemail at 614-785-1066. If you would like an appointment before her return date, you may also contact her office collegue, Terry Donohue, and schedule an appointment to see Terry at 614-477-0887.
Terry is located at 136 Northwoods Blvd. Suite A-2. 1st Floor.
Annette is located at 136 Northwoods Blvd. Suite B-2. 2nd Floor.

For Mental Health Emergencies
If there is a Mental Health Emergency, please contact your local Hospital Emergency Number listed in your area.
In Columbus, Ohio call Mt. Carmel Emergency # 614-234-5900
or Netcare Access Emergency # 614-276-2273
or Suicide Prevention Hotline # 614-221-5445

National Suicide Hotline
National Hopeline Network 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

Thank You.

Annette Franks, M.Ed.
Motivational Speaker/Trainer
Gestalt Psychotherapist

136 Northwoods Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43235

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