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          Annette Franks, M.Ed. is a dynamic Motivational Speaker.  She conducts workshops and seminars throughout the United States and Canada.  She also leads week long Life Enrichment Retreats "Integrating Mind-Body-Health-Success" in Costa Rica and weekend Retreats in Punta Gorda, Florida. 
Annette is an inspirational Leader and Keynote Speaker.
     Appearing on numerous Radio and Television talk shows, Annette is also a noted Keynote Speaker in Corporate America, including Fortune 500 companies.
     Annette energizes and engages her audiences when she speaks.  She has an extensive background in the fields of Energy Medicine, Holistic Health Care Modalities, Psychology and Addiction.  Annette's passion for life and extensive research in the fields of  Holistic Health Care & Wellness,  give her an outstanding reputation among her Colleagues and audiences throughout the United States.

Some of Annette's Seminar Topics include:

Integrating Mind-Body-Health-Success

Radiant Health ~ Mindful Living

Radiant Health:
Understanding Our Body’s Own Natural Healing Process

Medical Qigong ~ Enhancing Vitality, Immune Support & Physical Balance

Empowering Ourselves ~ Empowering Each Other

Stepping Into Our Own Power ~
Finding Our Voices

Learning to Live in the Present Moment
 ~ Living Mindfully

Creating Joy in Our Lives
 ~ Savoring Quality Time

Exploring the Psychology of the Chakras

Awakening Our True Selves  ~ Living with Passion and Purpose

Exploring Our Life Purpose

Enhancing Our Relationships
~ Deepening Emotional Intimacy

Creating and Maintaining Balance in Our Lives

Enhancing Our Intuition

Exploring Beliefs that Enhance Our Lives
~ Eliminating Self-Defeating Beliefs

Enhancing Our Communication
 ~ Developing Conflict Resolution Skills

Creating Healthy Families
 ~ Enhancing Authenticity and Self-Esteem

Team Building ~ Working Together with Passion and Purpose

Understanding Addiction and the Intervention Process



Annette Franks, M.Ed.
136 Northwoods Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43235

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