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Individual Consultations are provided for Personal and/or Professional Development.
Consultations are usually scheduled for one hour and may be in Person or by Phone.
Consultations Fees are $175 per Hour.



• Individuals
• Adults & Young Adults
• Holistic Life Balance
• Personal Development
• Professional Development
• Life Purpose Exploration

• Communication Skills
• Grief and Loss
• Addiction and Recovery
• Anxiety
• Codependency
• Depression

Counseling Services Supervised
by Terence Donohue, M.Ed., LPCC

Office Hours for Counseling and Consulting Sessions are primarily Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays
Daytime and Early Evening Hours Only.     

(11 am until 7:30 pm)
Counseling Sessions are $175 per 55 minute Session.

Counseling Sessions are covered by many Insurance Companies under "Out of Network" Providers. 

Payment is expected at the time of Service either by
Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express,
Discover or Health Savings Cards.

An Insurance Form receipt is given at the time of Service so that you can turn it into your Insurance Company for Reimbursement if you choose.   To find out how much your Reimbursement will be, please contact your Insurance Company and ask them how much they Reimburse for "Out of Network" Counseling Services.
Please Note:  All Counseling Appointments need to be Scheduled and/or Cancelled by Phone or in Person.  Annette does not schedule appointments or receive personal information through email or texts. She considers all client information Confidential and never uses email or texts to send or receive Confidential personal information.   Thank You for this Consideration.  
Annette believes it is in everyone's best interest to keep Confidential information off the internet.

When Annette is Out of State
If Annette is out of State, the date she will return to her office for calls will be clearly stated on her office voicemail at 614-785-1066. If you would like an appointment before her return date, you may also contact Terry Donohue, M.Ed., LPCC at 614-477-0887 and schedule an appointment to see Terry.
Terry Donohue is also located in the 136 Northwoods Blvd Office Building.
Suite B-2, Second Floor
of the 136 Northwoods Office Building, the Courtyard Entrance.

Counseling can be an expensive investment in Ourselves. If you are unable to pay full fee at the time of service, there are many qualified Counselors on Insurance Plans.
If you have an Insurance Plan with a co-pay, you may be able to use your co-pay with another Counselor for Counseling Services. Check with your Insurance Provider for details of your Plan and also ask them for the names of Counselors in your area covered under your Plan. If you have good Healthcare Insurance with qualified Providers on your Insurance Plan, it is often cost effective for you to use a Provider from your Insurance Coverage list.

Please note on this website you can view
and download FREE Annette's Health and Wellness Materials.
You may find Annette's written materials helpful in your Counseling Process
regardless of the Counselor you choose to see in person.

There are many Health and Wellness Materials & Resources
and "Points to Ponder" on this website
The FREE Materials on this Website include Topic Areas on:
Life Balance & Health
Self Empowerment
Creating & Maintaining Healthy Relationships
Understanding & Treating Addiction

Annette also offers relatively low cost Mind-Body Health and Wellness Workshops
and Life Enrichment Retreats that are Open to the Public.
Please do browse the rest of this Website
for Helpful Information and Resources.

If you sign up for Annette's emails you will
receive 3 to 4 emails a year
on Upcoming Seminars and Retreats that are
Open to the Public.
Thank You.

For Mental Health Emergencies
If there is a Mental Health Emergency, please contact your local Hospital Emergency Number listed in your area.
In Columbus, Ohio call Mt. Carmel Emergency # 614-234-5900
or Netcare Access Emergency # 614-276-2273
or Suicide Prevention Hotline # 614-221-5445

National Suicide Hotline
National Hopeline Network 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

Thank You.


Annette Franks, M.Ed., CWC
Motivational Speaker ~ Corporate Wellness Coach
Professional Counselor
136 Northwoods Blvd.
Columbus, Ohio 43235


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